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Our priority is centered on prioritizing the needs of individuals over infrastructure and urban development solutions. Through the synergy of our strengths, creativity, and dedication, we specialize in crafting exceptional access covers and high-performance drainage systems, along with innovative urban solutions, tailored to exceed conventional standards and cater to unique requirements.

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At Steecorp®, our commitment lies in the meticulous design and widespread distribution of access covers, urban infrastructure, drainage solutions, and accessories. Our industry operates within a dynamic, fast-paced environment that consistently evolves, presenting opportunities for innovative minds to contribute and drive progress. We actively seek talented individuals who are passionate about making a substantial impact and wish to be part of our dedicated team. Embrace the chance to join our community of enthusiasts and play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

Our core strengths

Our values and commitment are not just words, they are concrete principles that we live by each and every day.


Our appetite for innovation has taken us from humble beginnings to leaders in our field, driving us to new heights.


We believe working in unison as a team paves the way to rapid progress.

that make
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Steecorp's total compensation program comprises the following 6 concepts:


Competitive salaries, vouchers and employee rewards are just few benefits you can bank on.


Healthcare and retirement savings programs to support you now and as you plan for future.


Tuition assistance for ongoing learning and development.


Wellness programs and resources to support the wellbeing of you and your family.


A friendly, family atmosphere and heathy, safe working environment.


Flexible work options to help balance work/life demands.

*Steecorp® strives to provide benefits and programs that are competitive and focused on employee well-being. These programs are offered across the Turkey, Bulgaria and United States, but specific programs and options available may depend on eligibility factors such as geographic locations, date of hire, employment type and the applicability of collective bargaining agreements.
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At Steecorp®, we believe in the power of exceptional talent. Join us in our mission to make most innovative urban and infrastructure solutions.

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