Environmental Stewardship
  • Green technologies.
  • Sustainable sourcing.
  • Responsible operations.

We are in the business of mobility. If anyone can help reduce global emissions, carbon footprints and humanity's impact on the environment, it's us. And we are already making progress.

  • Leveraging Innovative Technologies

    Steecorp's E-Systems and Seating products are focused on providing solutions across key industry drivers like improved electric vehicle range, sustainable, natural and lightweight materials and intelligent in-vehicle experiences that maximize occupant personalization without sacrificing vehicle efficiency.

  • Minimizing Carbon Emissions

    Steecorp's Environmental Management System presents a structured approach to diminish our environmental footprint. From our ISO 14001:2015 certification to the comprehensive collection of energy, waste, and water data, we've established a robust method, both quantitative and qualitative, to gauge and monitor our initiatives aimed at minimizing carbon emissions.

  • Reducing Energy Use

    Steecorp's global continuous improvement teams use lean manufacturing processes to identify energy and waste reduction projects, track progress and share best practices. We are consistently achieving our goals for using less energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Protecting Water Resources

    The world has a sufficient water supply to meet everyone’s needs—if we all work together to better manage it. We recognize our responsibility to manage and monitor our water usage and wastewater discharges throughout our operations, surface materials processes and to work towards usage targets that provide more water for everyone.

  • Eliminating Waste

    Optimizing Waste Reduction The most effective approach towards waste reduction involves preventing its generation from the outset. Our commitment to utilizing environmentally responsible raw materials, including recycled ocean plastics, forms an integral part of our resource and material procurement process.

“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of the nature and its beauty”

Albert Einstein

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