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  • 23 NOV 2023
    Patras Project
    Patras, GR

    Steecorp®, a leading provider of innovative construction solutions, has successfully supplied a range of recessed access covers to the vibrant city of Patras, Greece. Patras, known for its rich historical background and architectural significance, required robust and aesthetically pleasing access covers to enhance urban infrastructure while preserving the city's unique charm.

    The challenge at hand was to provide durable and efficient recessed access covers that seamlessly integrated with the city's existing landscape. Patras' historical importance meant that any additions to its infrastructure needed to be both functional and visually unobtrusive.

    Steecorp's team worked closely with the city planners and engineers to design and deliver recessed access covers that met the specific requirements of Patras. The solution involved a meticulous selection of materials, ensuring durability against environmental factors while maintaining a low-profile design to complement the city's historic surroundings.

  • 14 AUG 2023
    Athens Project
    Athens, GR

    Project Overview:
    The Municipal Authority of Athens, Greece, embarked on a mission to enhance urban infrastructure accessibility while prioritizing safety and durability. The objective was to replace existing access covers with a more advanced solution, focusing on innovation and efficiency.

    The existing access covers posed several challenges, including limited durability, maintenance issues, and potential safety hazards. The Municipal Authority sought a reliable solution that would seamlessly integrate with the cityscape while addressing these concerns.

    Steecorp®, a renowned provider of access covers, was selected to implement a comprehensive solution. The company proposed the installation of recessed access covers, specifically featuring gas-assisted lift technology. This cutting-edge solution promised enhanced safety, durability, and ease of use.

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